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Aditus Ventures was founded to focus on opportunities in the financing and secondary capital market distribution for promising mid to late stage companies.  


Investment opportunities in later stage pre-ipo companies have already proven to be a valuable asset class and access has never been more in demand. 


The partners of Aditus have been involved in the development and life cycle of the pre-ipo secondary space from the Facebook days with Twitter to Lyft, Palantir, Airbnb, and recently DraftKings. 


We participate in both direct and co-investment into mid and late state companies through our own or other firms' investment vehicles.  Aditus invests when we believe the circumstances are right (i.e. management track record, growth potential, barriers to entry, etc.).


We also operate as a solution provider for investors who, due to the liquidity gap, portfolio reasons, timing or otherwise, are interested in trimming or adding to their holdings in the private markets.  


Our primary focus is late-stage private technology companies; however we see an ample number of opportunities in the primary space to provide deal flow and access to early- and growth-stage primary fundraising rounds as well.  


The two partners have over 50 years of combined experience across major PE/VC markets including the U.S. and Asia.

Paul Boyd

Brendan Breen

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